Buying Popcorn in Bulk

Have you ever considered buying bulk popcorn? While you certainly knew that businesses like movie theaters used bulk popcorn, did you know that it's a great shopping plan even for your home if you and your family are big popcorn eaters? Bulk popcorn makes a great, inexpensive and healthy snack. You can even use bulk popcorn for making popcorn balls, caramel corn and kettle corn. Also, with a wide array of popcorn flavorings, you can change the flavor of this simple snack.

Bulk popcorn also allows you to choose how you pop your popcorn. Instead of buying costly bags of sometimes fattening and often stale microwave popcorn, you can have fresh, light air popped popcorn. You might also like replicating the experience of movie theater popcorn by popping yours on the stove with an old fashioned crank popper and plenty of real butter.

Shopping for Bulk Popcorn

Where can you find bulk popcorn? Bulk popcorn can be bought from some local suppliers in your area. You may find that the health food store has it in bulk, and that local warehouse clubs also offer bulk popcorn. You can also find bulk popcorn online at places like http://www.popcornpopper.com/popcorn-bulk.html. You can also find a wide selection of bulk popcorn options at http://www.valleypopcorn.com/store.cfm?SubCatID=1. You can even buy popcorn kits that include bulk popcorn, oil, salt and butter in pre-measured amounts at http://www.cudakitchen.com/bulk_popcorn_kernels.php. If you prefer to keep microwave popcorn bulk custom packages around, you can find large quantities of microwave popcorn at a local warehouse club. You might also want to give popcorn as a gift, and if so http://www.vicspopcornomaha.com/ offers a wide selection of pre-popped popcorn choices that can be shipped anywhere in the country.

Bulk Popcorn at Home

Why would you choose to buy bulk popcorn to use at home? There are a number of reasons you might pick bulk popcorn over smaller bags from the local grocery store. If you own a movie theater style popcorn popper to make popcorn for slumber parties or family movie night, bulk popcorn is almost a must. Larger families may also find that bulk popcorn is a better choice. Instead of popping multiple bags of microwave popcorn or worrying about running out, simply store a larger amount of bulk popcorn.

Using bulk popcorn also allows each member of the household to choose the popping method they prefer. You can even use bulk popcorn to make microwave popcorn bulk, custom for each family member. Making your own microwave popcorn is a great option for bulk popcorn. Take advantage of the great popcorn flavorings available to have sweet, savory or spicy popcorn, all from one purchase of bulk popcorn.

Popping Bulk Popcorn

How can you pop bulk popcorn? While many of us have become spoiled to easy bags of microwave popcorn, bulk popcorn is not at all hard to pop. You can pop popcorn with oil in a large pot on the stove. This method is a bit more work, but a lot of fun. Consider changing up the oils for a new taste option. Olive oil works surprisingly well. You might also consider a crank type stovetop popper. If you find popping bulk popcorn in a pot on the stove nerve-wracking, this is a great choice.

Health conscious bulk popcorn shoppers may prefer an air popper. While air popped popcorn is a bit less flavorful, it is very light, filling and loaded with fiber. Consider adding spices for flavor without additional fat or calories.

You can even make your own microwave popcorn bulk custom with nothing more than a simple brown paper lunch bag and your bulk popcorn. Prepackaging these can be a great choice if the kids would like to be able to make their own popcorn.

Popcorn Flavorings in Bulk

You may have noticed a trend at your local movie theaters or even in the microwave popcorn aisle. More and more popcorn flavoring options are now available, ranging from garlic and olive oil to Cajun spice. If you are buying bulk popcorn, taking advantage of popcorn flavorings can keep your popcorn eating fun and interesting. Sites like http://www.snappypopcorn.com/productcart/pc/
offer a wide variety of popcorn seasonings. While cheddar or other cheese flavorings may be traditional, experiment with a wider variety of tastes to make the most of your bulk popcorn. You can also combine your own blend of spices, cheeses, and other flavorings for a great flavor experience. Sweet flavors including chocolate and caramel are also tasty, and of course you can use your bulk popcorn to make popcorn balls, caramel corn or kettle corn. These old fashioned favorites are just as good as they were years ago. Powdered flavors will work best on your bulk popcorn if it is oil popped, buttered after popping, or has been sprayed with a non-stick type cooking spray.

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