Bulk Flower Seeds Can Help Transform Your Yard

The ability to beautify your home and transform the look of your yard is a power that green thumbs possess and you too can have that ability if you know what flowers to plant, when to plant them, and how many to plant. Whether you prefer annual flowers that you replant each spring or perennials that you can enjoy for many years, there are bulk flower seeds available that can make your gardening easier and more cost effective.

No matter the variety of seeds you would like to plant, there are sources online and from greenhouses and flower stores that will provide huge selections of bulk orders that you can take advantage of and enjoy in your own flower beds.

Varieties of Seeds

When it comes to flower seeds, there are three different types that you can choose from. Perennial seeds produce flowers that return for many years. The flowers from annual seeds only bloom for one season, so you must replant this type of seed each spring to enjoy these flowers every summer. Biennial seeds feature flowers that bloom one season, return for another, and then die off. You have to replant biannual seeds every other year.

Perennials are perfect flowers for any garden bed and can provide both colorful blooms and green foliage throughout the growing season. Some perennials, like columbine, peonies, and delphinium, bloom in the early spring, giving your yard a boost of color while the rest of the plants catch up. Once the weather really warms up, you can enjoy blossoms from poppies, day lilies, and bright yellow black-eyed susans. In the fall, asters, dahlias, and mums put on a colorful show. If you plant your flower beds with a variety of perennial seeds that will bloom at different times of the season, you will be able to have beautiful flowers throughout and can enjoy the look of your yard for months at a time.
Annuals are the perfect plants to add long-lasting bursts of color to your garden beds for an entire season. Petunias, geraniums, marigolds, African daisies, and impatiens are all great examples of brightly colored blooms that you can plant each year as a wonderful addition to any flower garden.

If you like the idea of a perennial that you can plant and enjoy for a long time, but you're not sure that you want to make that kind of commitment, biennial flowers are the perfect compromise. Pansies, sweet william, and queen anne's lace all can be planted one season, enjoyed the following, and sometimes will even continue to bloom for an additional year or two.

Why Buy Flower Seeds in Bulk

Buying bulk flower seeds may seem like over-doing it if you have never planted flowers in your yard before. After a few years of purchasing small seed packets and planting them, you might realize that you are spending a lot of money that could be used for other yard beautification projects. Buying seeds in bulk gives you the ability to control exactly how many flowers you plant in your yard and the amount of money you are spending on seeds. With small packets, gardeners often end up buying too little to start out with and then have to make additional trips to buy more once they see that their flower beds are looking sparse. A bulk order of seeds lets you decide how much of each variety of flower you will plant in your beds. If your beds are looking a little empty, you can easily go back through and plant more if needed.

Even if you don't have a lot of space to plant flowers, buying bulk quantities of flower seeds can still save you money and time. Flower seeds can be stored for up to three years, so making a bulk order doesn't mean that you have to use all of those seeds in one year in order to get your money's worth. As long as you store your seeds in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place to avoid spoilage or germination, your bulk flower seeds should last you for at least a couple of growing seasons.

Choosing the Right Seeds

While there is a large selection of seeds that you can buy in bulk, making sure that you order the right seeds for where you live is essential to having a successful flower garden. The United States is broken up into different growing zones that can help you know what kinds of flowers and plants will grow the best in your particular climate. A flower that thrives in the wet soil of the Northeast will probably not do very well in the dry, desert climate of the Southwest. If you are unsure of what growing zone you live in, there are a few ways to find out. First, you can call your local extension office. The professionals there are trained in horticulture and can tell you the proper zone and even give you suggestions of the best kinds of flowers to plant in your yard. Next, look online for information about your zone. There are plenty of resources available with good information for growers everywhere. If you are curious about a certain variety of flower, you can probably find someone who has planted that same seed and can find out what level of success they enjoyed.

Where to Order Bulk Seeds

Ordering bulk flower seeds can be as simple as doing some research on your computer. There are a number of online vendors that specialize in bulk seed orders and will be able to complete your purchase easily and quickly. Companies like Harris Seeds, Eden Brothers, or Main Street Seed all have a large selection of perennial, annual, and biennial seeds to choose from and will ship your order straight to your door so that you can begin planting as soon as the ground is ready.

Purchasing bulk flower seeds can help turn your yard into a colorful oasis and can make the process both cheaper and easier. Consider ordering bulk seeds if you want the ability to change the look of your home and enjoy colorful blooms all season long.

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