Bulk Chocolate Suppliers

Unlike ordering bulk propane from bulk propane gas suppliers, it is far easier to order chocolate from bulk chocolate suppliers. Often times, just like bulk jewelry chain suppliers, bulk chocolate suppliers have everything you need to fulfill your order stored in a warehouse or on site.

Some bulk suppliers, like bulk propane suppliers have to custom make new tanks before they can be delivered or they have to hunt down used tanks that can be used to fulfill a customer's order. You can often times get chocolates from bulk chocolate suppliers and have them delivered to you with near immediacy.

Things to Look for When Seeking Bulk Chocolate Suppliers

When seeking bulk chocolate suppliers, you will want to find suppliers that give you a lot of diversity on what you can order. Look for chocolate suppliers that can offer you things like assorted chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolate, and sugar free variants. By finding bulk chocolate suppliers that can offer you a variety of chocolates you can expand the offerings you can give to your customers or you can readily get orders filled for various chocolates that you will be using for your personal use.

Some bulk chocolate suppliers also specialize in offering an array of candies and treats too and you will find that you can order things like penny candies, 30 cent bulk candies, and gummy assortments from the same supplier. You can also find bulk chocolate suppliers that sell all inclusive candy assortments; this means that your order can contain the chocolates you need and a nice mix of tasty treats for use or resale. You might want to make a list of your specific needs first before you shop; you can later narrow down your options as you find wholesale chocolate suppliers that deliver products in bulk quantities.

As you shop around for bulk suppliers online compare prices too. Not every bulk supplier offers the same prices so you will have to find a nice balance between candy offerings and price. Seek out reputable sellers that offer guaranteed product freshness, and also look for companies that have inexpensive shipping methods. The more time you are willing to spend seeking out reputable bulk chocolate suppliers, the better the likelihood that you will be satisfied with your shipment when it arrives.

You have an option as far as buying organic chocolates in bulk as well. These chocolates are made of the purest ingredients and they are often absent of artificial flavoring and coloring. If you desire such chocolates you must seek out bulk chocolate suppliers that specialize in offering such chocolates. You can expect to pay a higher price for organic chocolates because of how they are made, but the additional cost also ensures that you get high quality white, dark and regular chocolate that is fresh and that has a delicious taste. If you want to sell your candies to customers that may have allergy related issues, such as an allergy to peanuts or dairy, there are also specialty offerings that you can order from bulk suppliers; again the materials that go into specialty chocolates will increase the wholesale price in general.

Bulk Chocolate Suppliers Online


Chocoley is one of many bulk chocolate suppliers with a nice assortment of chocolates on offer. The more chocolate that you order with your initial order the greater the savings you derive. The company sells chocolate for fountains, chocolate for fondue, couverture chocolate, compound chocolate, sugar free chocolate, drizzle and design chocolate, candy making chocolate, and CocoLava® Gourmet Liquid Chocolate. In some instances you can order chocolate and get it shipped out to you the same day. The company requires a $75.00 minimum for wholesale orders and it offers customer service options seven days a week. The chocolates that the company sells is certified AKCD Kosher Diary, Celiac Safe, Crustacean Free, Egg Free, Tree Nut Free, and Peanut Free too so you can resell the products to individuals that have allergy issues too. For more information visit http://candymakingchocolate.com/.

Totally Chocolate

Totally Chocolate has a nice array of chocolates you can order in bulk. This is one of many bulk chocolate suppliers with expedient shipping services too; you can get your order shipped within three days after placing your order. The company has seasonal chocolates for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, chocolate cookies, coins, thank you chocolates, chocolate gingerbread men, chocolate flowers, hearts, roses, houses, puzzle pieces, stars, Hanukkah chocolate coins, and more. They even sell bulk chocolates for gifts, recognition, thank you chocolates, father's day, mother's day, congratulations, graduations, birthdays, red foiled chocolate apples, pears, golf balls, and champagne bottles. For more details visit http://www.totallychocolate.com/.

Additional Bulk Chocolate Suppliers Online

Candy Pros

Candy Pros are bulk chocolate suppliers and they have a wide range of different candies to choose from when you order. You can get bagged candy, bulk candy, candy bars, candy mints, candy racks, change maker candy, chewing gum, cold lozenges, cookies, miniatures, gift items, health bars, imported candy, king size candy, large candy bars, and lollipops. The company also specializes in selling nostalgia candy, novelty candy, peg bagged candy, snack nuts, sugar free offerings, and movie theater candy. You can shop by manufacturer or candy type and you can even shop for specific chocolates based on keyword terms. For more details visit http://www.candypros.com/index.php.

Santa Barbara Chocolate®

Santa Barbara Chocolate® sells pure chocolate manufactured with Peruvian cocoa. The chocolates are offered in bulk and they are GMO free and organically made. The product contains no vanilla or soy lecithin; essentially, the products are pure cacao that has been crushed and the chocolates are sweetened with sugar cane that is organic. You can get a three pound case for as little as $36.00. You can also order 22 pound cases of Ecuador organic chocolates, a 22 pound case of Hispaniola organic chocolates, a 22 pound case of organic white chocolate, and three pound cases of Ecuador organic, Hispaniola organic, white organic, and Peru organic chocolates. Fifty five pound cases are also sold for larger orders. For more details visit http://santabarbarachocolate.com/.

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