Bulk Propane Suppliers

When it comes time to buy several propane storage tanks you can save considerable money when you choose to work with bulk propane suppliers. You can get new or used storage tanks from suppliers with relative ease. There are some things you have to think about before you place your order however; knowing exactly what you want from bulk propane suppliers and what such suppliers can and cannot offer will help make the ordering process easier in the long run.

Bulk Propane Suppliers and Considerations

When you are seeking out bulk propane suppliers, there are a number of considerations you should keep in the back of your mind as you shop. There are bulk propane suppliers that sell both used and new propane storage products, so you will have to decide what products will work best for your needs. Used products through bulk propane suppliers can save you cash when you are first buying products, but bear in mind that these supplies may not last you as long as new supplies will last. Interestingly enough, older tanks offered through bulk propane suppliers often have better safety features; this is because the costs associated with the steel materials used to make propane storage devices has dramatically increased in recent years; thus, manufacturers are making propane storage devices with steel that is thinner than ever before. The thicker propane storage tanks of yesteryear are far safer than their newer counterparts.

Seek out bulk propane suppliers that only sell board certified tanks. These tanks will have a special data plate or a National Board Number right on the paperwork that comes with the tanks and stamped right on the steel exterior of the tanks too. The paperwork that you get with the tanks will indicate the actual dating of the tank, when it was crafted, what manufacturer crafted the tanks, who was responsible for the inspection, when it was inspected last, the results of tests related to pressure, and any certifications that the tanks have too. Used bulk propane suppliers can offer used storage tanks, only if such documentation is offered and the tanks pass inspections and testing.

New tanks are durable when it comes to purchasing necessary propane tanks, but if you are environmentally concerned and conscious, you will find that buying used tanks from bulk propane suppliers ensures that you are automatically recycling when you buy. What's more, you can often get your hands on used tanks far more quickly than you would new tanks when you are buying from bulk suppliers; new tanks sometimes have to be made to order and shipped from various destinations. It is not like ordering products from bulk chocolate suppliers or bulk jewelry chain suppliers; new tanks are typically crafted based on demand, while getting bulk supplies from other suppliers usually involves having items shipped to a destination from a warehouse supply.

If you are on a tight budget, getting used propane tanks from bulk propane tank suppliers is recommended; these tanks can be reduced in terms of cost as much as 50 percent or more. In fact, the more steel costs, the more new tanks will also cost. You will also have to give consideration to the actual size of the tanks you require, the BTU load that you will presently need, and the potential BTU load you may demand in the future. Having such information can make it easier for propane contractors and bulk propane suppliers to meet your demands.

Finding Quality Bulk Propane Suppliers Online


Airgas® is one of many bulk propane suppliers that you can order from online if you require propane tanks and propane gas. The company is capable of delivering propane cylinders of high quality in bulk right to the location where the tanks will be used. Airgas® offers nationwide services and the products are tested and proven safe for use. The company has recently partnered with AmeriGas® to ensure the delivery of quality tanks and propane fuel. This propane can be utilized for powering backup power sources, for use with metal and heating fabrication endeavors, for lifts and fork trucks, and for heating too.

You can easily consolidate your propane needs when working with Airgas® and therefore simplify how you fulfill your propane requirements. The company has decent costs associated with delivery and has twenty years of experience in the industry. In fact, Airgas® has roughly 900 different locations where you can get bulk propane supplies delivered directly to your destination. The company will provide you with a variety of different tank sizes as well; they have 33 pound, 100 pound, 420 pound, 500 pound, and 1000 gallon propane tanks on offer. Visit the site now for more information and for the packages they offer in relation to bulk propane supplies at http://www.airgas.com/content/.

Additional Bulk Propane Suppliers

Transtech Energy Inc.

Transtech Energy Inc. is a bulk propane supplier that offers used propane tanks for storage of propane fuel. The company has propane tanks that vary, including 7,500 gallon tanks, 8000 gallon tanks, 12,000 gallon tanks, 15,000 gallon tanks, 30,000 gallon tanks, and 60,000 gallon tanks. The company also has a large, off site inventory. You can call the company's toll free number to see what tanks are on offer and how to go about ordering tanks from the bulk propane suppliers. If the company does not have the tanks you require, they will help you find used propane tanks at reasonable costs as well. If you are interested in the offerings made by Transtech Energy Inc you can visit the company website at http://www.transtechenergy.com/.

P.G. Willey and Company

P.G. Willey and Company is another of the many bulk propane suppliers you can get your equipment from with ease. The company demands a 300 gallon minimum order for the propane tanks and fuel it offers. You can also get propane for gas grills and to fulfill contractor needs. The company's website offers pricing information, information on equipment, and they sell diesel fuel and propane tanks as well. The company has Trinity containers from 120 gallons and 200 gallons, and Manchester tanks including 5, 10, 11, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, 200, and 420 pound containers. For more details visit http://www.pgwilley.com/index.php?.

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