Bulk Jewelry Chain Suppliers

People seeking wholesale offerings can find the best prices on the Internet; everything from bulk propane gas suppliers to bulk chocolate suppliers, from bulk jewelry suppliers to bulk food suppliers can be found instantly online. When you order from bulk jewelry suppliers on the Internet you can often get superior shipping prices and the act of shopping online makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for from today's bulk jewelry suppliers.

What to Look for From Bulk Jewelry Chain Suppliers

Bulk jewelry chain suppliers specialize in selling bulk, wholesale jewelry items which can be later resold at a markup price. You will want to shop around to see what bulk jewelry chain suppliers offer since not every supplier sells every kind of chain you might desire. Chains are made of different metals, different styles, different colors, and unique materials. The prices of such chains can vary from one supplier to another as well. You may want to work with several suppliers if you are seeking to build up a diverse inventory of products to resell.

Bulk jewelry chain suppliers often do not merely sell chains. They also sell earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other jewelry parts. Some even sell jewelry making tools, components, beads, clasps, and attractive bead designs. Thus, anyone seeking to become a jewelry maker can turn to bulk jewelry chain suppliers for the parts and accessories needed to get started in the craft of jewelry making for resale.

Carefully assess the bulk jewelry chain suppliers that you plan to order from; review prices, but also review the costs of shipping, if the supplier offers a guarantee or return policy, and if the supplier has clear and concise ordering instructions. You will also want to look into how fast suppliers deliver; if you are in a hurry to get your inventory established, you will need to seek out expedient, professional suppliers that can meet your immediate demands. This is particularly important when it comes to restocking your inventory too since slow shipments can prove baneful to a reseller seeking to keep profit margins high. You will want to work with bulk jewelry suppliers that ensure consistency in terms of product delivery, and you will want to find companies that offer an unrivaled level of customer service. Researching suppliers is the very first step in making the connections with quality bulk suppliers that you need in order to make your reselling business successful and to keep it successful in the future.

Where to Find Bulk Jewelry Chain Suppliers

Hollywood Body Jewelry

Hollywood Body Jewelry is just one of many bulk jewelry chain suppliers online. Chains and necklaces are sold by the company and you can shop by the material that the chain is made out of if you desire. The site sells stainless steel chains in bulk, link chains, net chains, tri-link chains, thick necklaces, thin chains, and more. You can also shop for displays with jewelry, package deals, close out items, bracelets, pendants, rings, couple rings, and earrings. Orders over $300.00 in the United States and over $700.00 for international orders are offered with free shipping too. With this company, every order earns the buyer a 10 percent store credit for additional savings as well. You can download product images for free, you can request a catalog, and you can call the company's toll free number for customer service and ordering. For more details visit http://www.hollywoodbodyjewelry.com/.


OlympiaGold® is another of the many bulk jewelry chain suppliers online. The company sells 10 spool PermaSilver chain offerings, 120 spool PermaSilver, 10 spool and 20 spool PermaGold and chain displays. You can order chains by the inch, snake chains, open link necklaces, curb link chains, twisted nugget chains, bracelets, findings, clasps, purse accessories, cell phone chains, Figaro chains, curb chains, open link chains, snake chains, crystal chains, rope chains, box chains, and scroll chains. For more details visit http://www.olympiagold.com.

More Bulk Jewelry Chain Suppliers Online

Wholesale Fashion Square

On Wholesale Fashion Square you can order bulk chain orders from quality bulk jewelry chain suppliers. The site sells fashion necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, anklets, watches, toe rings, and accessories. You cans also find other items that you can order in bulk too like tops, pants, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, plus sized clothing, active wear, sweaters, jackets, handbags, purses, sunglasses, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, lingerie, men's clothing, and special sale items. For full details visit http://www.wholesalefashionsquare.com/.

Silver Star Collections

Silver Star Collections is one of many excellent bulk jewelry chain suppliers. You can get Baht, Bead, Box, Butterfly Twist, Byzantine, Cable, Charm Chain, Herringbone, Marina, Omega, Popcorn, Rhodium Plated, Rolo, Rope, Serpentine, Snake, Story Bead Chain, Wheat, and additional bulk chain offerings. Chain sizes vary depending upon your preference. You get a product description, a picture of the chain styles on offer, and easy ordering options. You can also order bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants, slides, pins, rings, gifts, specialty items, story beads, toe rings, body jewelry and watches. The company has closeout specials, a bargain vault, fine pearl web specials, children's collections, teen's collections, men's jewelry collections, pearl jewelry collections, Silver Star Exclusives, special occasion and holiday gifts and more. For full details visit http://www.mmasilver.com/Merchant2/.


OhioBeads.com is one of the great bulk jewelry chain suppliers online. You can shop for large hole beads, interchangeable beads, bulk jewelry chain by the foot, beads, jewelry findings, and more. You can also check out the best deal bulk jewelry chains on offer, jewelry chain by style, a master list of jewelry chains, finished chains, jump rings, split rings, connectors, ear wires, posts, lever backs, bead caps, cones, clasps, toggles, cubic Zirconium components, charms, filigrees, chandeliers, bead stringing materials, metal wire, jewelry making tools, and odds and ends. OhioBeads.com is ideal when you want to buy bulk jewelry by the foot, antique copper chains, gunmetal chains, brass chains, antique brass chains, silver plated chains, gold plated chains, .925 sterling silver chains, bright copper chains, gold filled chains, plated metal and base metal jewelry, and more. For full details visit http://www.ohiobeads.com/.

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