Bulk Velcro Sales

Bulk Velcro Sales One half of a strip of Velcro will have soft plastic loops on it and the other has more rigid plastic hooks. When the two halves are fit together the hooks will fit into the loops and create a fastening. This can then be ripped apart with ease and rejoined together over and over again.

Since it was invented in 1948 Velcro has been used all over the world. It is not only relatively easy to manufacture but it is also a versatile product that can have many different uses. If you are making a product that needs a fabric fastener that is easy to use and very durable you will be interested in buying bulk Velcro.

What Is Velcro Used For?

Velcro is used for a variety of different purposes and many people do not realise just how many things in their lives have a Velcro fastening. These include –

Bag fastening – there are thousands of different styles of bags that have Velcro fastening on them. Many children's school bags will have them as they are easy to use and will not trap their fingers in them as a zip might.

Shoes – shoes that have Velcro straps are quick and simple to put on and take off and there are adult uses as well as children,s shoes that use these kinds of fastenings.

Tie wraps – these are very popular as they enable people to tidy up cables and other wires that can look unsightly in the home, office or workshop.

Signs –Velcro used here tends to be in dot form and they are used in so many different places from schools and offices to hospitals and workshops. You can sue these to attach signs to doors and walls, display names and so much more.

Keeping items in place – this might sound very general but Velcro really is used for hundreds of different purposes. It is not only easy to apply but it is hardwearing and can be fastened and unfastened thousands of times without it showing any signs of wear.

Types Of Velcro

Before you even think about buying bulk Velcro you need to know what type is the right one for you. There are several different types available and they are all good for different purposes. These are –

Sticky Back® tape – this is a light type of Velcro and it is ideal for hanging paper, cards, attaching labels to shelves and holding any other light items.

Industrial strength – this can handle much heavier weights and is ideal for securing cell phones to the dash on a car, hanging pictures with, securing cushions in place and much more.

Extreme tape – this is the most heavy duty of all and it can be used to secure bird boxes to walls of homes, attaching flowerpots to cinder block walls, hanging heavy signs and securing suggestion boxes to walls.

Getting The Best Price

If you are interested in bulk Velcro you will be anxious to get the very best price possible. Buying an item in bulk is certainly a way to do this as you will get a lower price with higher quantities. If you know that you will be using Velcro on a regular basis try and make an order for a quantity as large as possible. Doing this will bring you significant reductions in price and will save you a great deal of money.

You might have noticed that Velcro is available in different colours. Some people might need a particular colour for their own specific purpose, and as you might have noticed some colours are more expensive than others. If you have no specific colour in mind for the Velcro that you will be using, if you will be out of sight for example, choose the cheapest colour possible. Once again this will make you a good saving and mean that buying bulk is even more cost effective.

Always buy the right strength of Velcro for the task that you have in mind. If you are only going to be hanging children's artwork on the walls you need sticky back tape, however if you plan on hanging heavy signs up outside you will need extreme tape. If you buy the wrong type of bulk Velcro you will have to purchase even more and this is a waste of money.

Shop Online

The very best way to get the best prices for bulk is to shop online. By shopping online give yourself the widest choice available and make sure that you find the items you need at a price that is right. Take a look at the websites below to get an idea of the kind of bulk of the products that you could be purchasing soon.


If you want to choose the type of Velcro and the bulk size the Textol website is ideal. It carries Velcro® brand Velcro and you can choose just how much of it you want and what style you are looking for. When it comes to buying bulk Velcro on this website which is located here http://www.textol.com/t_stickyback.asp you will see that the more you buy, the cheaper it is to purchase.


To get an idea of what a single bulk roll of Velcro would cost, take a look at the Amazon website here http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-4S115-75E-Velcro-Softcinch-Black/dp/B00332F0DY. This website also gives you lots of information on the product that you are buying and a roll of this size is good for anyone who wants to have a supply of Velcro tape in their home that is cost-effective.

Lex Tec

If you are looking for ways to keep the cables in your home or workplace neat and tidy using Velcro take a look at the Lex Tec Inc website which you can visit here http://www.lextec.com/prod_velcro.html. On this website there are many different products that are made from Velcro which will help you to tidy up your working space and make it much safer.

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