Why Buy Bulk Guitar Picks

Bulk guitar picks are made out of different materials. The most common kind of guitar pick you can order is made out of celluloid materials. Celluloid is one of the most preferred types of materials to use because it closely mimics the sound created by real tortoise shell picks. Bulk guitar picks made out of celluloid are offered in three to four different degrees of thickness and host a polished finish.

Delrin ® guitar picks are also sold in bulk. Delrin ® is a trademark belonging to the du Pont de Nemours Company; the picks are crafted out of plastic but are capable of generating a warm, woody tone. These picks have a matte finish making for easier pick grip during guitar play. Delrin ® is more flexible than Celluloid guitar picks and the picks come in a wide range of different thicknesses.

Some guitar picks sold in bulk are made of PVC material. The latter material is less expensive because they are not as durable as Delrin ® or Celluloid guitar picks. These picks are commonly used on Rock n Roll jewelry selections or they are used for promotional purposes.

You can order 100 guitar picks that are all the same shape or you can get a bag of multishaped and colored picks. You can get triangular picks, heart shaped picks, and picks shaped like a shark's tooth. There are tear drop shaped picks and you can custom order picks with artwork, single images, company logos, school mottos, or band names on them.

Some wholesale guitar pick sellers offer picks crafted of nylon; these picks have a smooth, clean, slick-like surface so they are easy to hold onto when used. The nylon guitar pick is durable and flexible. There are even picks made of Lexan, Acrylic, metal, wood, and glass.

When you shop online for bulk guitar picks you can easily compare the pricing and style of different picks. Picks range in size and thickness; extra light picks are about .44 mm thick; light picks are about .46 to .69 mm thick, and medium picks are about .70 to .84 mm in thickness. You can also get bulk heavy guitar picks that are .85 to 1.20 mm thick or extra heavy picks that are 1.50 mm thick.

More Bulk Guitar Picks Online

V-Picks ™

V-Picks ™ sells handmade mandolin and guitar picks. They have an international clientele list and the offer more than sixty different types of plectrums. For more information visit http://v-picks.com/dealers.php.

Guitar Picks Wholesale

Guitar Picks Wholesale sells custom imprinted bulk guitar picks, and you can order picks for a price of $14.40 per gross. For more information visit http://www.sanghi.net/main/guitarpicks.html.

Guitar Pick Wear

Guitar Pick Wear sells bulk guitar pick wear; you can get picks with premade holes so they can be made into necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. For more information visit http://www.guitarpickwear.com/Store/wholesale.shtml.

Jax Music Supply

Jax Music Supply sells bulk guitar picks and the company offers free shipping on most orders. You can also order ten packs and twelve packs of Fender ® guitar picks at varying prices. http://www.jaxmusicsupply.com/100-Bulk-Assorted-Guitar-Picks-351-Style-p/picks100.htm.

Fender ®

Fender ® sells guitar picks ranging in price including selections like 351 celluloid picks, 346 classic shaped picks, triangular shaped picks, oval shaped picks, Rock On Touring Picks ® , California Clear ™ guitar picks, and Fender ® thumb picks. http://www.fender.com.

Pick World

Pick World practically has every type of guitar pick imaginable. You can get printed picks with logos, designs, and images. The company sells Delrin ® , Celluloid, and PVC guitar picks in a wide array of colors. http://www.pickworld.com/.

Five Unusual Uses for Bulk Guitar Picks

Many different styles of guitar require guitar picks. Rock, blues, punk, metal, bluegrass, country, and jazz guitar music all fall short without the use of a guitar pick.

In addition, many beginning classical or flamenco guitarists can find that using a guitar pick is a helpful stepping stone when learning basic music methods such as continual rhythm, reading music, basic wrist dexterity, and proper arm position before graduating to advanced finger picking and strumming techniques. However, the uses of guitar picks can go far beyond playing the guitar or learning how to play the guitar. Bulk guitar picks are relatively cheap from major manufacturers such as Fender, which can make them ideal for a number of different uses.

  • Guitar Pick Jewelry Makes Great Gifts for Guitar Enthusiasts - Guitar picks can be a great material to use when designing a line of jewelry for sale or special gifts. Many guitar picks are made out of pretty flimsy plastic, which makes them easy to bore holes in, melt into different shapes, and fabricate in other ways on a kitchen table. Guitar picks also come in a variety of shapes and colors to fit almost any specific style. Some ideas for guitar pick jewelry include a take on a charm bracelet, a hanging necklace made out of multiple guitar picks, or a pendant. Different effects can be achieved to fit different styles of music and different styles of jewelry. Guitar pick jewelry is also an affordable and easy way to make meaningful presents for the guitar enthusiasts in your life.
  • Unique Promotional Items for Philanthropy - Custom bulk guitar picks can be a unique promotional item. They are cost-effective, more exciting than a flyer or a t-shirt, and can be purchased in large quantities with significant colors or logos. Guitar picks can be an especially effective promotional item for music-related entities such as bands, music schools, and philanthropic efforts to teach music to disadvantaged children. Guitar picks can be a cool alternative that appeals to different audiences. Custom designs such as crosses can be used to promote philanthropic church activities, colors can symbolize efforts to treat different types of cancer (e.g. pink for breast cancer), and other simple symbols such as a rainbow can be used to promote human rights for the LGBT community. One easy way to make custom guitar picks make sense as a promotional item is to have a live band at a promotional event for something non-music related.
  • Pottery Glazes for Unique Projects - Almost any item will melt when heated to 2000 degrees in a kiln. Guitar picks can give certain ceramic items such as bowls, dishes, and mugs a unique finish with a story behind it. It is important to experiment with a few different kinds of picks and different colors before determining what works best for a glazing technique. The different chemicals in pigments found in guitar picks often react differently when introduced to high heat. For example, a red guitar pick might give the desired effect and a yellow guitar pick might not work. This sort of mad science experiment can help differentiate different types of ceramics and craft an identity for artists. It is important to always melt items such as guitar picks inside clay pieces with a ledge so that the plastic pick glaze does not run and fuse to the bottom of the kiln.
  • Extra Picks for Guitar Teachers - Most guitar teachers that work with children know that children and teens often forget small things such as guitar picks. Similarly, it is easy for guitar picks to accidentally get taken home or lost due to their small size or fall inside an acoustic guitar. Instead of teaching a lesson at a much slower pace, guitar teachers can be prepared by investing as little as $10 in a box of 100 bulk guitar picks. Music teachers in high schools can also have extra guitar picks and strings on hand to give to forgetful students for a dime or so each. Lessons can be more efficient and more effective when the first ten minutes is not spent trying to find a small piece of plastic or remove it from the inside of a guitar. Students can also experiment with different shapes and sizes of picks to see which ones feel the most natural when playing. Although there is some debate in the guitar community about proper form when playing, there are almost always multiple ways to play a song perfectly with a different guitar pick or different finger picking pattern.
  • Easy to Use New Medium for Arts and Crafts Projects - Custom bulk guitar picks are very easy to incorporate into scrapbooks and other common crafts. They are small, flat, affordable, easy to get, and will stick to most things easily with a common hot glue gun.People with a knack for taking simple pictures to the next level can use items such as guitar picks to make collages and photo albums take on more character and a new life. Go beyond bows and stickers. Simple items such as guitar picks can make memories pop. Other fun craft projects include rock star costumes and sculptures. Some guitar picks can beautifully represent the scales on a fish for a wall hanging or be used in a mosaic. Many artists are interested in finding unique medium that is affordable and easy to fabricate or incorporate in different projects that look professional enough to sell or display in your home.

What Bulk Guitar Picks are Best Used for Overall

In a broader sense, purchasing guitar picks or customized guitar picks in bulk is a great form of self-expression. Guitar picks can be used to express one's artistic identity, one's memories, one's passion for teaching, one's mission to promote a good cause, and one's unbridled creativity. No matter what your passion is, bulk guitar picks are a unique and affordable way to help you express yourself. You do not have to be a musician or an artist to have passion. Do something different to get noticed and make a positive impact on the world. Take extra initiative to help make the world a more beautiful place with your individual spin on the best use for guitar picks sold in bulk.

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