Finding Bulk School Supplies Online

A major reason to purchase things in bulk is to save money. There are a number of types of school supplies that students will require in large quantity over time. They include pens, paper, folders and binders. These are commonly available, but it makes a lot of sense to get the savings benefit that comes with a bulk purchase. Some items may be harder to locate when needed and some items may be used faster than expected. A good way to have everything on hand when you need it is to purchase school supplies in bulk. It can take a lot time to walk the aisles in crowded stores to find the right supplies. You may try and time when you buy school supplies to get them on sale. Different stores have sales at different times so it may be hard to keep track of the sales Valuable can be wasted running from store to store trying to buy different items on sale. When you purchase school supplies in bulk you know you are getting a great price and you don't have to spend time shopping at different stores to get the best price.

What supplies are needed?

Different supplies will be necessary depending on the grade of the student.

Elementary school students are likely to need a number of art supplies. The list includes crayons, washable colored markers, colored pencils, dry erase markers, glue sticks, construction paper and small scissors. They will also require more basic supplies such as a backpack, regular pencils, erasers, notebooks and binders. Some additional items frequently included on the school supply list for elementary school students are tissues, paper towels and hand sanitizer.

Middle school students can also benefit from bulk school supplies. They will use the basic supplies elementary school students do. Additional items good to have are rulers, calculators and watches to help encourage the responsibility of being on time. For lockers, combination locks are recommended. Another helpful item for the locker is a shelf that can be installed to help maximize space. UBS flash drives for storing and transporting computer files can be very beneficial. A small purse or wallet is good for storing things like money, school ID and keys.

High school students may require a more specialized type of calculator. It is a good idea to ask their teacher which one to buy so they are sure to have what they need. An alarm clock can help prepare them for college and the real world. Reams of paper will be used in high school. Paper is important for all grades, but especially in high school. Computer paper, graph paper and loose leaf will all be used.

College will require many of the above listed supplies. More unique items such materials for lab experiments and projects may also be on the list. College is very expensive. You can help keep the cost of college down adding by purchasing bulk school supplies.

There are some school supplies that are reusable. They include page protectors, dividers and binders. Look for these items in plastic that will help prolong their life and stretch your dollar even further.

Where to buy school supplies in bulk

There are a number of retailers that sell school supplies in bulk.

Geddes has a great selection of school supplies for K-12 and college students. You may not have heard of Geddes, but there is a good chance you or your children have used some of their supplies. Founded in 1924, Geddes started by supplying the standard yellow #2 pencils and basic ballpoint pens. The company carries different types of pencils, pens and other writing accessories. Geddes has numerous paper products including folders, binders, notebooks and paper. It also sells many arts and crafts products. The company runs weekly sales promotions and clearance deals. They also sell value bulk assortments. You can shop by grade, brand or supply category. Online and telephone ordering are available. Visit www.raymondgeddes.com for more information.

Restockit.com is a very popular bulk school supply company. It has a vast assortment of supplies; 200,000 items are sold on their website. Whether you require paper products, writing supplies, staplers, rubber bands or post-its, Restockit.com has you covered. The company makes shopping for school supplies a snap. They have everything a student needs for their big project or presentation. Their website is very comprehensive. Items are listed by grade and category, and can also be sorted by price and brand. Restockit.com has a low price guarantee. If you buy more than $100.00 in supplies, you receive an automatic 10% off the purchase price. Many items will show up on your doorstep 1-2 days after purchase. For further information, visit www.restockit.com.

Other companies that sell bulk school supplies include US School Supply, Teacher Direct, Max L. Cohen's Student Stores, Waldorf School Supplies: The Art of Learning, Dollar Days, Deals and SavesuCash.com. Some of these companies are more specialized in what they sell. Deals sells a number of types of school supplies, but specializes in electronics. Waldorf School Supplies is in a subsection of the Art of Learning website. The supplies have been custom tailored to meet the needs of the students who attend specific schools. They include the Waldorf and Steiner schools, Waldorf Methods Charter and Magnet Schools and home schooling groups. The Art of Learning was founded in 2009. It was formed to serve the needs of private and public schools as well as people who choose to home school their children. Products sold on its website include gardening supplies and musical instruments. All of these stores are where to buy school supplies in bulk.

Parents will spend a lot of money on school supplies throughout elementary, middle, high school and college. Students will use large quantities on basic items such as pencils, pens, paper and binders. There a number of stores that sell bulk school supplies online including Geddes, Restockit.com, US School Supply and Teacher Direct. Investing in bulk school supplies now can save money and time over the years.

For example, you know you will need folders, pens, pencils, binders, and paper for college: these items are something you will use every single semester. Buying all of the latter in bulk will ensure you get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Benifits of Bulk School Supplies

One of the benefits derived from buying bulk school supplies is the fact that you do not have to worry about running out of important supplies. If you happen to need more pens, pencils, paper, or additional notebooks for note taking, you have already bought all the supplies you will need. If you have extra supplies on hand and a fellow schoolmate is running short on supplies, you can lend out some of the bulks school supplies you have invested in too.

If you are waiting around for sales to stock up through buying bulk school supplies, you really do not have to wait. You can shop online and find steeply discounts school supplies for sale all year long. In fact, some companies will offer you discounted or free shipping and you can take advantage of Internet only sales as you shop. You will find that it is easy to order rulers, pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, binders, folders, project materials, backpacks, and more, all from online websites selling school supplies. If you and some of your classmates get together, you can buy extra school supplies in bulk and derive even greater savings.

There are some school supplies that can be used repeatedly; this stretches your dollar even further. For example, you can invest in page protectors to keep your important documents safe; sometimes you can use different documents for several classes. You can get plastic dividers for binders or folders made of plastic materials: this means they last longer and are more durable. You want to find school supplies that are not only functional, but that end up being practical too.

If you are moving away from home to attend college, you will want to stock up on all the things you will need in order to make your experience comfortable. Some companies sell clothing and personal hygiene products in bulk. Buying all your needs in bulk will allow you to remain within the strict confines of your budget.

Below is a compilation of several different websites from which one can purchase bulk school supplies. There are many excellent values featured at these sites, and they offer many staple bulk school supplies at substantial savings. You may find a new favorite source for all of your back-to-school supply needs!

Popular Bulk School Supplies Websites

U.S. School Supply

This website divides supply types into departments. For the complete list of bulk school supplies, and to peruse the ever-changing 20% Off Sale Items, visit U.S. School Supply on the web today, at www.usschoolsupply.com/.

Teacher Direct

Teacher Direct describes itself as a & quot;leading online provider of wholesale school supplies, offering the best brands at the best prices. For ordering details and complete information on special offers for bulk school supplies, see the Teacher Direct website, at www.teacherdirect.com/wholesale-school-supplies.jsp.


Are you ready to purchase bulk school supplies? Go shopping today at the School Supplies Supercenter: www.restockit.com/school-supplies-supercenter.html

Supplies For School Stores

Geddes School Supplies And Student Incentives

Shopping for bulk school supplies for your school's student store on a budget? Here's great news: deals abound at Geddes! Their Catalog Quick Shopper service allows educators to place frequent orders with a minimum of paperwork. Take a tour of the Geddes website and see the vast array of items for sale, at www.raymondgeddes.com/?gclid=CLqSz5z386sCFUSK4Aod4SdAvQ.

Max L. Cohen's Student Stores, Inc.

If you have the need to purchase bulk school supplies at the lowest possible prices, visit Max L. Cohen's Student Stores. The company's main website is www.maxcowen.com/. To review the products in Cohen's basic catalog, visit www.maxcowen.com/max-s-basic-products.html

Supplies For Other School Types

Waldorf School Supplies: The Art Of Learning

For parents and teachers that have more specialized needs for bulk school supplies, visit the Waldorf School Supplies subpage at The Art of Learning. The types of supply items available for purchase at the Art of Learning website include lesson books, gardening supplies, musical instruments, modeling wax and clay, and so much more. Bookmark the website to purchase bulk school supplies today, www.art-of-learning.com/School-Supplies/waldorf-school-supplies.html.

Purchase Bulk School Supplies Online

U.S. School Supply

U.S. School Supply sells writing tools, art supplies, mascot items, and a variety of paper products. There is also bulk school supplies priced at 20 percent off. For more information visit http://www.usschoolsupply.com/.

DollarDays ™

DollarDays ™ sells markers, pens, pencils, and bulk paper products. You can get all of the bulk school supplies you need for college on one website. You can register for free so that you can use the site to order bulk school supplies. For more information visit http://www.dollardays.com/wholesale-office-and-school-supplies.html.


Geddes has been in business since 1924; this company has a wide range of bulk school supplies for college as well as for secondary school. You can order online or you are offered a toll free phone number to place an order. For more information visit http://www.raymondgeddes.com/shop/bulk-school-supply-value-assortments.html.

Deals ®

Deals ® is another company offering you the ability to purchase bulk school supplies online. For more details visit http://www.deals-stores.com/School & amp;Office-Supplies.


SavesUCash.com has a wholesales member club that allows you to save up to fifteen percent on all of your purchases for the lifetime of your membership. For more information visit http://savesucash.com/wholesale_school_supplies.htm.

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